A Portfolio of
Success in Real Estate

For years, the Santana Cazorla Group has been developing quality properties, positioning Iniscan as one of the reference points in real estate, having sold more than 2000 properties over the last 5 years. Since the integration of a second property developer within the Group, Equipo 10 in Madrid, a new phase of nation-wide growth has commenced.

In addition to the Group's continued developments in the Canary Islands, during its first year of entry into the national market, it has expanded in Madrid, Guadalajara and Malaga. The real estate sector represents a significant part of the Group's revenue, with 411 property sales predicted for 2005, increasing profits, and generating high levels of satisfaction among buyers.

The success of the Group's property development business is based on:

  • efficient selection of plots, giving priority to good locations
  • strengthening of sales management, through increased points of sale and commercial areas
  • optimisation of timescales for property development and efficient cost control
  • orientation towards customer satisfaction through personalised service.

It is estimated that growth will remain above 5% during 2005 thanks to a plot portfolio with potential to build a further 4000 properties and a residential land portfolio of 11 million square metres.