Committed to Society

The Santana Cazorla Group is dedicated to adopting and integrating the concept of corporate social responsibility on three key levels.

Firstly, by fulfilling environmental, health and security regulations, by developing philanthropic programmes and by incorporating feedback from all affected parties into the development of each project.

The second level covers social aspects such as investment in projects that respond to local community needs, where consultation is part of doing business. The fulfilment of regulations and the consideration of social issues are an integral part of the decision-making process, as are the development of alliances to achieve common objectives, and the continuous exchange of ideas and dialogue.

To achieve this, information and feedback are particularly vital for activities such as charity donations, community programmes and sponsorship of sporting activities. In addition to focusing on such fundamental areas as product prices, competition, cooperation, human rights, investment policies and labour rights.

The Group assumes its social responsibility through solid commitment and dedication, developing integrated strategies that enable it to work for the benefit of society.